MARC Librarian- Christine Howlett

Base School:  Panmure Primary School   

                         Princes Highway,   3265  

Phone- 55676264

Fax- 55676438


The Panmure MARC library services six small primary schools in the Warrnambool area. The participating schools include Panmure, Cudgee, Grasmere, Koroit, Noorat and Nullawarre. The MARC library provides a range of resources to approximately 300 students and 23 teaching staff across these six small schools. The weekly schedule for the MARC Library is as follows:

Monday-  Nullawarre

Tuesday- Grasmere

Wednesday- Noorat/Panmure

Thursday- Panmure/Cudgee

Friday- Koroit


  1. provide a wide range of resources and new release material that is of high interest to the students and staff.
  2. provide appropriate resources that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, problem solving ability and cognitive development.
  3. conduct a weekly library lesson with each class at the six small schools, that will help further develop a range of literacy skills, as well as promote a genuine appreciation of literature amongst students.
  4. provide teaching staff with highly effective teaching materials that will enrich and support the National Curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities and needs of the different cohorts and individual students across the participating schools.


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