Comic Strips

Created by Year 3-6 Students at Grasmere P.S

Inspired by the Selby Series Written by Duncan Ball

Comic Strips

Created by Year 4,5,6 at Nullawarre Primary School

Inspired by the Selby Series Written by Duncan Ball

Year 2/3 Students from Nullawarre P.S share their thoughts about about the Possum Magic Stage Show at the Warrnambool Lighthouse Theatre

Work Completed by the Students at CUDGEE P.S relating to the Theme of Possum Magic

There was great excitement across all schools at the arrival of our new MARC van at the beginnng of the year.  The first session was dedicated to a lengthy chat about caring for a such an expensive and valuable resource.  Each class created a Powerpoint presentation using their ideas from the class discussion.  Two examples have been inserted.

Created by Year 1 & 2 B at Koroit P.S

The children did not want the pigeon to drive the new MARC van because we had just read  a book by Mo Willems called 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus' and also watched a YouTube clip called 'Don't Let the Pigeon Touch the Library Books'!  The pigeon 'gets up to no good'.

Created by Year 5 & 6 at Grasmere Primary School

The Magic Hat by Mem Fox

Some library classes have been learning about Mem Fox this term.  She is a very popular Australian author for children.  She has written over 40 books for children, with 'Possum Magic' being the best selling picture storybook ever in Australia.  The students enjoyed a story written by Mem Fox called 'The Magic Hat'.  They agreed that the interesting storyline, the rhyming text, and the fun of making predictions, made this picture storybook a very entertaining read!  Each class then improvised on 'The Magic Hat' by Mem Fox and created their own class version about a magic hat.  A video of each class reading their big book was then recorded and the students are very excited to share these with you.  The videos have been inserted below.  

            Prep, 1 & 2 class at Panmure P.S

Click here to view Nikayla's story that she wrote at home.  It was inspired by 'The Magic Hat'.  Nikayla Wiffrie is in Year 1 at Panmure P.S- a budding little author!

The Chocolate House- Page 1

The Chocolate House- Page 2

Year 1 & 2 P at Koroit P.S

                     Cudgee P.S- led by Shion

Year 1 & 2 at Grasmere P.S

 Cudgee P.S- led by Charlotte

Theme: Inspirational Stories

Hannah and Jackson from Nullawarre P.S describing the meaning of an inspirational story.  They describe sthe different ways that an inspirational story can be told.

Hannah, Hayley, and Jackson tell the inspirational story of one of Australia's greatest sportswoman.  It is about the journey Cathy Freeman took on her way to winning gold and fulfilling her lifelong dream.

Stephanie and Michelle from Noorat P.S are sharing the inspirational stories of great Australians who have disabilities.  Stephanie and Michelle describe these incredible Australians and share their heartwarming stories of how they fulfilled their dreams against all odds.  Truly heartwarming, uplifting and encouraging!



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